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1840 Sheet Music
Rockaway or On Old Long Island's Sea Girt Shore
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cover of sheet music, Stars and Stripes Forever

The beach at Rockaway and its fashionable hotel, the Marine Pavilion was a favorite location frequented by affluent Americans during the mid-nineteenth century. According to Benjamin Thompson, most famous for his History of Long Island, Rockaway became the preferred locale for an increasing number of vacationers who wished to experience "fresh inspiration and increased vigor by repeated plunges in the ocean." The lyrics of the song entitled Rockaway describe a romanticized view of time spent on this Long Island shore.

During the pre-Civil War period the spot became a choice destination for members of the literary and art scene and this particular song sheet represents a collaboration of three talented and important artists of the time. The ballad Rockaway, with lyrics by Henry John Sharpe, Esq., and music by Henry Russell, author of L'Amico Dei Cantanti (A Treatise on the Art of Singing, c.1830), is graced by a lithograph by the Hudson River School painter Benjamin Champney, know for his panoramic views, landscapes and portraits. Champney's image is considered to be a contemporary view of Rockaway Beach that echoes the signature dynamic vistas of the Hudson River School.


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