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1763-1860 Post Revolutionary War: Reconstruction and Expansion

1795 A Revealed Knowledge of the Prophecies and Times by Richard Brothers, book signed by William Floyd.

1795 New York State map by Samuel Lewis.

1797 Passport, signed by Rufus King for foreign policy expert, George Joy.

1806 A Plan of the Northern Part of New Jersey, map showing the positions of the American & British Armies, after crossing the North River in 1776.

1829 Album, owned by Elizabeth Post, handwritten with illustrations.

1840 Rockaway or On Old Long Island's Sea-Girt Shore, sheet music and lyrics by Henry Russell and Henry John Sharpe.

1859 Colton's General Atlas with Descriptions, published by Johnson and Browning.

1860 Old Black Joe / Home Sweet Home, song sheet written and composed by Stephen C. Foster.

1861-1865 Civil War

1861 The American Flag, written by Joseph Rodman Drake, music from Bellini, by George Danskin.

1861 Sag Harbor Express Extra Editions newspaper printed during the Civil War: April 13, 17, 18, 19, 24.

1862 Civil War letter to John Williamson from Lieutenant General Thomas Seabury.

1863 Who Will Care for Mother Now?, music and lyrics by C.F. Thompson and Carroll Sawyer.

1864 United States Sanitary Commission Poster: Brooklyn and Long Island Fair.

1865-1889 Reconstruction

1868 Sheet Music for the musical Captin' Jinks of the Horse Marines, sung by Wm. H. Lingard.

1872 Picturesque America or The Land We Live In. Edited By William Cullen Bryant. Vol I: 1872, Vol II: 1874.

1873 Atlas of Long Island, New York published by Beers, Comstock and Cline.

1890-1913 Progressive Era

1890 Charles H. Hoyt's A Trip to Chinatown, color lithograph poster.

1897 The Stars and Stripes Forever, music and lyrics by John Philip Sousa.

1929-1939 Great Depression

1929 The Goldfish Under the Ice by Christopher Morley, book signed by the author.

1929 My Long Island Home, music and lyrics by Hugh V. Knox and Ed. Livingston Greenwood.

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